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The cult of the Networker

This is one of those posts that I was somewhat hesitant to write, because it may come off as being hostile, bitter, angry or whatever else people who disagree with the common social conventions are described as. The cult of … Continue reading

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How do you value success?

I realize that success gives an internal image of the high flying, wealthy, famous and great looking person in western society, but this image in and of itself is external to the person having it. Is this the image of … Continue reading

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Suggested reading list for personality types

If you would like to learn more about personality types and go deeper into the subject matter, here is a suggested reading list. You can find more information on each book in the book review category. reading

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The John Beebe 8 function model

Before going into more detail and adding additional complexity to my explanation, I thought I’d take a «time out» and introduce you to the model I’m going to be using to organise the functions in this book. This model was … Continue reading

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